Lab Members

Principle Investigator

Current Graduate Students

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Brittany Cruzan

Former Graduate Students

  • Johanna Morrow (PhD, 2018, Visiting Assistant Professor, Westminster College)
  • Kyle Willenburg (PhD, 2018; MO Dept Conservation)
  • Scott Askinosie (PhD, 2016; Course Mentor, Western Governors University-Texas)
  • Dan Leutchman (PhD, 2016; Data Manager, Monsanto)
  • Diana Roberts-Coats (PhD, 2013; Lead Scientist, JBE Industries)
  • Jennifer Holland (PhD, 2011; U.S. Crop Protection Project Manager, BASF)
  • Brandon Celaya ((PhD, 2008; Adjunct Instructor, Estrella Mountain Community College)
  • Ullas Pedmale (PhD, 2008; Assistant Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories)
  • Alex Esmon (PhD, 2006; Senior Global Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Tom Campbell (PhD, 2004; Instructor, Northeaster Illinois University)
  • Daniel Hodgson (MA, 2004; Practicing Physical Therapist)
  • Jim Elder (MA, 2003; Technician, USDA-ARS)
  • Bethany Stone (PhD, 2001; Teaching Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia)
  • Emily Stowe (PhD, 2001; Associate Professor, Bucknell University)
  • Kevin Lease (PhD, 2000; Practicing Physician)

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Diana Roberts-Coats (JBE Industries)
  • Bethany Stone (Teaching Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia)
  • Sunjoo Joo (Postdoc, Washington University)
  • Vera Quecini (Researcher, Embrapa Grape and Wine, Brazil)
  • Nathan Zenser (Group Leader, Sigma Corp)
  • Xi-Qing Wang (Group Leader, BASF)
  • Julie Huddle (Research Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
  • Natalia Motchoulskia (position unknown)
  • Andrei Motchoulski (position unknown)